Our Services

Investment Insurance Coordinators provides a variety of services to our clients. To help you accomplish your goals and objectives our services include:

Financial Strategies

We provide a full review of your current situation, risk tolerance, objectives and resources. This is the blueprint designed for overall financial success. Finding direction is the first step. We then guide you through the implementation of your strategies and monitor your progress through a multi-step process. We differ from most financial advisors in that we keep in contact with you and review your progress. You are not forgotten after the initial implementation.

Asset Management*

Asset management is important to overall financial success. Our asset management program is designed to provide you with individualized asset allocation models. They are designed to assist you in achieving your financial goals in a realistic time period. Throughout your life you are faced with ever changing needs. The management of your assets should be adjusted based on these needs. With scheduled reviews of your investment options, we check for misalignments and suggest recommended changes.

Investing involves risk, including loss of value.

Wealth Accumulation and Preservation

We work with you to develop a sound financial portfolio and give you guidance on accumulating and increasing your wealth. Whether saving for retirement, a vacation home, for assisting your children with education expenses, or to build a legacy, we can guide you through the maze of available financial vehicles. With our analysis we will strive to help your financial dreams become a reality. Not only do we aid you with recommendations to accumulate wealth, we also have a strong and imperative focus on how to preserve what you have already have.


Retirement Planning


Building a comprehensive and functional approach to plan for a secure retirement — a plan that is designed to provide the money you need when you need it. Since we are all living longer and healthier lives, implementing strategies for allocation and monitoring is a must. Saving and investing for retirement is no longer the only option. The earlier you start working on this goal, the more likely you are to have a comfortable and worry free retirement.


Estate Planning and Conservation of Wealth


Estate planning can be an emotional and difficult process. While this is never an easy task, we use our knowledge and years of experience to give you guidance through the process. We assist our clients in preserving what they have worked hard to accumulate over the years and in developing a plan for the eventual distribution of these assets according to your wishes.


Asset Protection


Protecting your assets needs to begin when times are good. Normally, by the time you need this strategy, it is too late to implement a plan. For example, we can help you and your family (and/or your business) prepare a plan now, so should you die prematurely or become disabled, it will help ensure that there will be sufficient financial resources to maintain the lifestyle of you and your family. We have a strong working knowledge of what is necessary to keep you and those important to you from being financially destitute in the time of personal crisis.

Investment Services* Include:

  • Annuities (Fixed and Variable)
  • Mutual Funds
  • IRAs (Traditional, Roth and Simple)
  • 401(K) (Traditional and Roth)
  • SEP
  • College Funding
  • Employee Retirement Plan

Insurance Services Include:

  • Life Insurance (Individual, Corporate, & Key Man)
  • Long Term Care (Individual & Group)
  • Health Insurance (Individual & Group)
  • Disability
  • Disability Buyout
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Employee Benefits