What To Expect

We want our clients to look forward to their visits to our office and leave with a sincere sense of accomplishment. Although we have certain procedures we follow for appointments, each individual meeting will vary depending on the need and goals of that particular client.

Getting to Know Each Other

Since most of our clients are referrals from other clients, attorneys or CPAs, you may hear what goes on in meetings from someone else. We want you to be familiar with our procedure and what we hope to accomplish at each of your visits. While the agenda for meetings is by no means set in stone, we want you to understand that we have a specific target for each step of the financial evaluation process.

The initial appointment with a potential client is normally a getting to know each other session. At this first meeting, information is gathered and we discuss our mutual ideas and thoughts on various topics. This appointment has a very open agenda deliberately so that we can see if our goals and strategies are compatible.

Develop a Personalized Plan

Once it is decided that we are a good fit for each other, the future appointments will be more structured and agenda based. We will explore your lifestyle, finances, dreams and expectations. Based on the information gathered, we will use our many years of experience and training to develop personalized strategies for you and your family.

Your third visit will be when this analysis is presented. The priorities you have laid out for us will give us the direction for our recommendations. Whether it is legacy building, gifts for favorite charities, plans for vacation homes, or just simply feeling comfortable with your future retirement needs, a definite action agenda needs to be put in place. Your personal approach will include specific steps you need to take in order to implement this action plan. Detailed recommendations on how to invest your portfolio and hard earned savings will be included. At this meeting we will discuss the suggested time line to implement and help reach the dreams and goals you have discussed with us. Before you leave this meeting, we want to make certain that you have a solid grasp on both the logic and logistics of the plan presented.

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Achieving Your Goals

From that point the work towards achieving your goals will begin. Our office and experienced staff will assist you through the smooth and efficient process. This can include coordinating with your tax and legal advisors to determine the appropriate implementation of your identified strategies. Your personal investment and insurance vehicles will be initiated or transitioned by a very thorough, knowledgeable and skilled team. Of course Mr. McGee will manage the team and will still be very involved with you throughout this process.

Future meetings are necessary to be certain that you are still focused on the plan and that action items are being followed. Mr. McGee likes to meet with clients to review their progress as often as they want, but at a minimum annually. We have found that quarterly or semi-annual visits work best for a lot of our current clientele.

Investment Strategies

Investment strategies may also need to be adjusted due to changes in your circumstances and the world situation. It is always essential that you, the client, take an active role in implementation. Any changes in lifestyle, family circumstance or direction of goals should be brought to our attention and may require adjustment to strategies. We want clients to feel comfortable contacting our office for any reason. We are always here to answer any questions or concerns.

If there is anything that we can improve on or you think should be added to our list of services, please drop us a note or give us a phone call. We are always looking for ways to fine tune our business. Since we do not advertise, our source of new business is client and professional referrals. We ask all our clients to give our contact information to someone whom they feel can benefit from our expertise and services.