5 Estate Planning Strategies For Singles

5 Estate Planning Strategies For Singles

Single people without kids often think they will live forever. Are you single with no kids and approaching retirement? If so, you probably have not given much thought to estate planning. You may have been busy building your career, socking away money and enjoying your...

What are the best college-savings investments?

5 ways to grow your money for the ever-higher costs of higher education Many of the best-known college-savings tools are specifically earmarked, educational accounts — but it pays to think outside the box towards certain general investments too. Hello Lovely/Getty...

Can your 529 savings plan be used for graduate school?

A 529 plan is designed to make it easier to save for your or your child’s college education, from undergraduate school to a graduate program and beyond. As long as the university and expenses are eligible, you can enjoy the tax benefits of a 529 plan while also...

3 withdrawal strategies to maximize your retirement plan in 2021 

There are many changes in store for retirees this year There are many changes in store for retirees in 2021. Under the Biden administration, we might see an increase in individual tax rates and other key tax policy changes that could have a direct impact on your...

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